Blackout Momentum
/ Current Plans, Hong Kong, 2024

Yau Kwok Keung's debut exhibition "Blackout Momentum” in Hong Kong presents his extensive research on reframing mythological motifs and his unique aesthetic of chaos and balance. Drawing from his experience as a tattoo artist who sewed within human flesh, Yau presents a new series of meticulous paintings, videos, and mechanical sculptures that explore the theme of collective memory loss and societal trauma. Yau perceives amnesia as a state where one remains trapped for an extended period, with its relentless momentum frozen in darkness. Recurring motifs, including an illuminated sphere, a diving swallow and an expanding sea surface are juxtaposed to convey a sense of fragmented identities in an era of collective silence, where shared experiences are left unspoken. Whether a glimmer of hope or the last glow before destruction, Yau’s brush strokes unfold an elusive point of chaos—a paradoxical expression where the chaos depicted on the canvas becomes a two-way clue. Much like the iconic movie "The Truman Show," where Truman's routine quote carries emotional weight, serving as both a friendly greeting and an act of rebellion. It conforms to a controlled existence and yearns for authenticity at the same time —

"Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

Curatorial Statement

Photo Credit: Wong Pak Hang